Prove Me Wrong (I Hope)

It’s been a melancholy couple of days.

Mosiah 29:27 has been the most oft quoted scripture among my friends and acquaintances.

For weeks I have been praying that the Lord would bless the citizens of this nation that they would elect leaders who would work to preserve our freedoms: both personal liberties and property rights, as well as deliver us from the bondage of debt and sin. I prayed for Brother Romney, that he would be strengthened and make wise decisions.

Half my prayers were answered. Mitt Romney ran an excellent campaign. He took the high road. He didn’t listen to his advisors and conservative pundits when they said he should have taken the President apart on Benghazi. His camp witnessed that it was solely his decision to stay focused on his message and not go on the attack during the last debate.

Though his opponent’s campaign stopped at nothing to paint him as evil, attacking his person, calling him a liar, a (felon) tax evader and cold-hearted, yet he remained focused on his message about jobs and the economy. Yes, he pummeled the man on his record (or lack thereof) but he left the man out his attacks.

For the past six weeks, I have believed in my heart of hearts that Romney was going to win in a landslide. His performance in the debates, his closing of the gap in the polls, his message of America’s greatness led me to believe that he would be irresistable to the freedom-loving, entrepreneurial spirit of the majority of Americans. I even predicted that he would win by the greatest popular vote margin ever.

Not once did I waver in my faith that it was the Divine Will that he had been called to bring America back from the brink. Never did I have so much as an inkling that anything but complete victory could be a possible outcome. Call me naive.

Late Tuesday night I was faced with a decision: either the Lord is not in charge or Romney’s loss was part of the the plan. As my bishop said, at any time the Lord could have intervened with any number of complex variables and changed the course of the nation. After all, isn’t America His shining beacon on a hill? Isn’t this the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Wasn’t the Constitution of the United States inspired by Him and brought forth by wise men to provide a safe cradle for the restoration of the Gospel?

But then, after pondering, and discussing with my bishop, I came to a third alternative, which conforms to doctrine and feels right: the Lord did not plan for Romney to lose. His plan was to give our nation a choice. A crystal clear choice.

There is a story in the Book of Mormon about Alma and Amulek preaching the word of God in the wicked city of Ammonihah. Their words were rejected and they were bound and taken before the chief judge. But even before judgement could be passed, the mob began to stone the believers and cast their wives and children into the fire to be burned alive. The missionaries were taken to witness the awful scene.

The junior companion, Amulek, cried to the Prophet Alma to “exercise the power of God which is in us, and save them from the flames”. However, Alma was constrained by the Spirit to withhold his hand “that the judgments which [God] shall exercise upon [the mob] in his wrath may be just”.

This same principle was taught by the great military leader Moroni in his epistle to the civilian governor Pahoran. Moroni thought that Pahoran’s evident lack of willingness to send forth aid to his troops was due to a mistaken belief that the soldiers were being slain because of their wickedness. As Moroni tried to rationalize the Lord’s (and Pahoran’s) failure to rescue his men from slaughter, he rightly mused that “the Lord suffereth the righteous to be slain that his justice and judgment may come upon the wicked”.

This November there could be no mistake about the choice for president. For the last 18 months there has been an army of reporters working overtime to dig up dirt  on Governor Romney. Other than finding one liberal who “remembered” an incident of bullying by Mitt in high school, there was not one shred of evidence that he had done evil in any way. (Excepting, of course, his proclivity for strapping his dog kennel to the roof of his car).

He is a super-wealthy, self-made millionaire, but gives millions to charity. He is a beloved husband and father and successful parent of five boys.

He doesn’t toot his own horn, but he has a ministry. Yes, a personal ministry where he seeks out those in need and spends time serving them; a regular home teacher. He doesn’t smoke or drink or cheat on his wife. He doesn’t gamble or swear and attends church regularly where he has given years of religious service. He literally served his country devoting years of time without pecuniary reward.

He has a record decades long of success in business, government, and in bridging partisan divides. He understands how to create jobs and loves America, believes in free enterprise and hard work, but also in taking care of the needy.

In short, he is exactly the leader our country needs at the exact time we need it.

Opposite him on the ballot is a man, conceived out of wedlock and born to a porn poser and a lying, deadbeat bigamist; raised and influenced by the left-wing values of his mother and her liberal family and friends. Educated at a prestigious Hawaiian secondary school, he ran with the Choom Gang and innovated ways to get high on strong local strains of quality bud.

A man who attended the church and approved of the sermons of an America-hater for 20 years and married a woman who lived here 40+ years before she felt pride in her country.

A man who is a very smart lawyer with an extreme left, liberal Harvard education, but who can barely string together a coherent sentence without a TelePrompTer. One who honestly never held a real job before being elected to political office and demonstrates an appalling lack of knowledge about basic economics.

One who believes that if you have your own business, you didn’t build it, but someone else made it happen. A redistributionist who believes at some point (presumably to be decided by elite government officials) a person has made enough money. After which point, presumably, one is no longer entitled to that money any more than others who have less.

A man who not only did not have an army of reporters digging through his past, he had the entire mainstream media treating him, in his own words, like a god.

A narcissist, who, after doing absolutely nothing other than win a presidential election (not to be scoffed at), aided and abetted by a complicit press and a startlingly weak Republican ticket, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (a discredited honor from an illegitimate organization as evidenced by their recent award to the European Union for presumably precipitating the collapse of Greece and Spain).

A man whose failure to deliver on his most basic campaign promises, from cutting the budget deficit in half  and closing Guantanamo to bringing transparency to Washington D.C., pales in comparison to his promise to Russian President Vladimir Putin to be more flexible in cutting deals after his reelection. (We can only hope he also fails to deliver on his promises to Putin).

A crony capitalist who believes the government should pick winners (bankrupt solar companies) and losers (coal miners), and fails to understand the fundamental principle that capitalism is a profit and loss system, thinking some businesses too big to fail. An elite socialist, who has failed to promote an environment for the creation of a single net job while unapologetically maintaining over 80 overlapping federal welfare programs that cost over $1 trillion annually.

A terrible commander in chief, opposed politically by a supermajority of his troops and hundreds of former senior military leaders, who takes full credit for personally dispatching the world’s most notorious terrorist.

In short, a stark contrast in every way to what Mitt Romney stands for. A crystal clear choice.

Yes, the Lord made sure that if the people of this nation were going to decide against Christian values and the principles of hard work, freedom, and self-reliance that the choice would be very clear.

Because it was such a plain decision, I am now afraid there is no way back.  Is now the time He will “visit us with great destruction even as he has hitherto visited this land”?

Trust me. I would love to be proven wrong in this.

3 thoughts on “Prove Me Wrong (I Hope)

  1. The person who has the top job in a nation does not determine the success of your relationship with God. Moses lead the people away from bondage under Pharaoh, and Jesus lived and died under the rule of Caesars. I don’t think most voters were even considering the religions of these two candidates, compared to many other issues.

  2. I too feel that Romney gave his all but could not overcome the defamation, corruption and lies of Obama. Our nation will dearly pay in the near future when Obama puts his agenda into play. We will no longer be a free nation.

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